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  • Monthly attendance reporting form.
  • New Member, Change Data and Termination forms are now downloadable from Rotary International.
    RI Documents

  • Guide for Club Webmasters.

The District ECC and ICO periodically hold seminars for new and aspiring club webmasters or district committee members. If interested, contact the ICO. When we reach a critical mass of interested people, we’ll schedule the next seminar and contact you with details.

  • Speaker Resources

In cooperation with regional speaker bureaus, we hope to make a speaker list available to our clubs.
If you know of speaker resources, please contact the District Webmaster.
Online, local-to-the-district directories of speakers are best.

The University of Rhode Island has a 160+ member Speakers Bureau of faculty and administrators happy to talk to Rotary Clubs. To view all the topics available, go to their website at

  • Program Resources

In cooperation with the District Librarian, we hope to make the catalog of program materials available.

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  • Russell-Hampton Company
  • National Award Services, Inc
  • Flag Crafters